Letter from the Administrator

As health care professionals, our jobs are filled with countless tasks. We are constantly on the move, going from room to room, from issue to issue, with barely the time for a deep breath.

And those in our care witness that constantly and may, as a result, be reluctant to bother us with an issue that they may find troublesome, perhaps something related to safety and security. All of this is why we should remind people that it’s in their best interest tell us about any problems and concerns they may observe with a resident.

Someone may have become dizzy while walking to the bathroom and may need a medication adjustment. Another person may be depressed. Perhaps a roommate seems more on edge, or someone is having pain in their side but figures it’s minor.

Please remember not to overlook any negatives that may lie beneath the surface. Report the symptoms to the charge nurse asap.

Brent Limmer,

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