Letter from the Administrator

From a Resident’s Point of View

One day, I was sitting at the nurse station. I noticed people just walking by. They were busy. They didn’t notice me. Somebody would nod and my heart would jump a little. Someone smiled and I couldn’t hold back so I smiled also. I needed that smile and nod. Wow! Someone noticed me setting here. We fly by people in our busy shifts. Our residents must just wait for those little acknowledgments.

Thank goodness. God sent me occasional angels. He sent me Janie in housekeeping. That cup of coffee meant more than I ever thought it would. He sent me Monica. Just mentioning that I was missed meant the world. He sent me Yvette, she just sat with me only for a moment, but the encouragement mattered! He sent me Pearl who gave me strength through a simple hug. He sent Cesar who changed that light bulb so I could read. It’s not the words, it’s the angels. The bible says

God never leaves us, but I never thought about who He might send to remind me of his love.

Brent Limmer
Buena Vida Nursing and Rehab.

5027 Pecan Grove Dr.
San Antonio, TX. 78222

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