Success Stories

Mr. Santiago ‘Jimmy’ P. was admitted to Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation Center directly from home.

Mr. P. sustained multiple injuries, which included a spinal cord injury.  After his hospitalization, Mr. P. was sent home to recuperate.  However, he was having a very difficult time and contacted his Wellmed case manager to see if they would approve a brief rehab stay.  Wellmed did approve and so he began his road to recovery.

Determined to make the very most out of his therapy sessions, Mr. P. went quite often to the rehab gym.  He was also very sociable and encouraged other patients saying, “If I can do it, so can you.”

Even though his circumstances in life changed, Mr. P. had a very positive outlook and his goal was to go home to his wife and children.

We all appreciated the energy Mr. P. brought with him to Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Ms. Evelyn W. arrived at Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation Center from Northeast Baptist Hospital.

Dr. Jeffrey Sorrel was the physician caring for Ms. W. at Northeast Baptist Hospital. Dr. Sorrell recommended Ms. W. to Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation to obtain therapy prior to her going home.

She was very debilitated after spending time at the hospital and was looking forward to getting some rehab.

While at Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Ms. W. was highly motivated throughout her therapeutic experience. She made great gains with strengthening and functional mobility.

Ms. W. participated with skilled therapy, which improved her safety in increased her independence. She was discharged home with great family support and home health services.

Mrs. Eulalia R. had been a patient at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital under the care of Dr. Madhavi Prasad. As she was nearing the end of her hospital stay, Dr. Prasad felt that she could benefit from therapy to rebuild lost strength and help ensure a safe return home.

Mrs. R’s family members toured Buena Vida and agreed that a short stay in one of the rehab suites would be of benefit to her. The admissions department began coordination between her insurance, Humana, and the hospital staff. Every detail was taken care of for her transition from the hospital to the comfort of her room at Buena Vida.

Although Mrs. R. was anxious to get home, she and her family realized the importance of utilizing her therapy benefits so that she would be as safe and strong as she could be. She worked diligently with the dedicated team of therapists and nurses and was soon back home.

The staff at Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation Center appreciate being part of Mrs. R’s Road to Recovery!